When you Agree to Go to Therapy, it Shows that You Care

January 28, 2019

Most of the people think that they together can deal with their relationship problems, and there’s no need for them to go for relationship therapy. But suppose the issue is very stupid one and it led you both in the nasty fights. Else, it can be due to children or in-laws, and so you can’t make your spouse understand. It might also be due to money, infidelity, sex, and many more things.

When it comes to relationship therapy, it is harder for people to go to therapy with their spouse. People prefer individual therapy. The reason is that when you are opening up to a complete strange (the therapist), you are also sitting opposite to your spouse, who is completely going to disagree whatever you are saying and even rubbishes you. Your spouse knows you from your day-to-day life and knows you so much, and so taking secrets out of you would make you feel like you are completely naked.

What is the need for a therapist?

As said perfectly, if a couple has come so far, set up a home for them together, and then raise a family together, so they shouldn’t get separated or divorced. They should stay along, and if not at least give it a big try.

All the good moments spent with each other will be lost and going to the memory as a waste whatever you both have spent together. So, breaking it is not the solution, if at all you can’t you can’t stay with each other.

As a last resort, you both should step in for relationship therapy. Give your relation to the last chance as it deserves. The problem might be that in many situations a third-party intervention is needed to solve the problem between two people, and so do your problem needs a therapist before you move towards a lawyer to file for divorce.