Volkswagen Vento – This is what you have been waiting for.

March 29, 2019

Volkswagen is a well-known company with the name literally meaning ‘people’s car’ in German. The company has stuck that meaning throughout its life, starting with the ever-loved cult classic the beetle. Volkswagen has a car for every person from the Golf to the Passat. The Indian division of the company was officially founded in 2007 and its first truly Indian offering was the Polo hatchback. The Vento was introduced in 2010 as the company’s compact sedan offering for the Indian market and the Vento since then has enjoyed excellent success in the Indian market. The car is based on a stretched version of the Polo and as such the 2 cars share a lot of parts.

The car has been receiving updates over its life and as such there are various models that exist on the market. The new car has received a face lift with new bumpers, a modified grill and slightly modified headlights giving it a slightly angular look. The boot is nice and deep with 454 liters capacity which is one of the highest in its price range. The interiors are made well with a two-tone fabric option available as well and a generous helping of chrome as well.

Volkswagen Vento Engine and Specifications

The car comes in both petrol and diesel versions and even automatic variants available in the top of the line versions of the Vento, namely the highline versions of the car.  The petrol version of the car is capable of producing 103.5 bhp of power and 153 Nm of torque while the diesel version of the car can produce 108.5 bhp of power and 250 Nm of torque.

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These excellent engines make the car very punchy in its drive especially in the middle of the rev meter allowing it to outperform most of its competition. Since the car was made for the Indian market the suspension was tuned specifically for Indian conditions and as such the car performs well when put up against bumps and uneven speed breakers. The petrol version has an ARAI rated fuel mileage of 16.09 kmpl and the diesel version has a ARAI rated fuel mileage of 20.64 kmpl.  The car also comes with a range of safety features such as airbags and disc brakes that are standard in all models that are being offered.

Volkswagen Vento Price

Volkswagen Vento price starts from ₹8.63 lakh for the petrol and ₹9.45 lakh for the diesel variants and Volkswagen Vento price goes all the way up to ₹12.97 lakh and ₹14.32 lakh for petrol and diesel respectively for the top end Highline model of the car. All in all, the car provides an excellent value for money with a range of models that is sure to fit any buyer.