Vaping nicotine in Australia legally

March 19, 2019

People all over the world love smoking. It is most famous among youngsters as more and more are starting to smoke. Cigarettes have been used by humans for a long time. Dried leaves are wrapped around a paper and when burned, deep smoke comes out of it which when is inhaled by the smoker. But with the recent advancement in technologies, humans have been able to invent premium e liquid Australia. Instead of dried leaves, chemical liquids are used to generate the smoke. Many people don’t approve of the e-cigarettes as it breaks the traditions cigarettes. However, many people have started using it and are loving it. But due to some reasons, The Australian government has banned the people from vaping nicotine. Here are some of the reasons:-

  • Vaping nicotine is dangerous

Nicotine can be harmful to the people as they may contain some harmful products which may affect the human body. When the liquid is burned, the smoke may contribute to certain dangers. When these flavored additives are manufactured, they are completely safe. But when they are heated or burned, it may become poisonous after ingestion. Therefore these must be handled very carefully and must be kept in a safe and secure place.

  • Australia’s tough rule against tobacco

The government of Australia was already very strict about the usage of tobacco. They don’t want to give the people another reason to harm themselves. So certain rules are made in order to prevent people from harming themselves. Therefore, vaping in Australia is illegal without certain prescriptions from doctors. The government very well knows about the damage that can be caused by tobacco. The country is very well known for its strict rules.

  • Stop the youngsters from smoking

Youngsters nowadays think that smoking is very stylish and it looks cool. But the fact is that they are endangering themselves with the harmful smoke. Many youngsters have also lost their lives due to the failure of the lungs. This is why the government of Australia is doing everything they can to protect the people. Vaping nicotine liquid is prohibited by the government of Australia.

  • Addiction to liquid nicotine

If a non-user inhales the smoke generated from liquid nicotine, then he will become dependent on nicotine. Other than the mouth, nicotine can also be absorbed by the skin which is still dangerous. Once becoming addicted, the user will not stop and will want more and more and will not stop at anything. The user will have to go to a rehabilitation center in order to recover from the addiction.

This is the reason why nicotine must be used very carefully. Nicotine cannot be imported into the country without proper authorization unless one gets a prescription from the doctor. Anyone found importing nicotine to Australia illegally will be punished and can be jailed for a very long time. This is all done in order to control the usage of nicotine by the people. Guidance is also given in the country in order to educate the people about nicotine, especially children. Many have even quit smoking after having proper guidance.