Understand How To Write A Meeting Agenda.

December 1, 2018

In today’s era, everyone is so busy with their work that there is no time to drag items in a meeting, and take it too long. Meetings however are the important aspect of work but at the same time it should be in a précised way. Every meeting is conducted with a purpose, which is also called meeting agenda. Agenda is basically an outline of a meeting where different topics are covered order wise, which will be discussed.

It is very important to make a meeting agenda beforehand, for that we need to understand how to write a meeting agenda.

  1. We need to write different agenda topics according to priority basis to be discussed.
  2. Each agenda topics can be breakdown into key points.
  3. Allot timing for each agenda so that our meeting completes in prescribed time and all the topics of meeting agenda can be reviewed and discussed.
  4. Members of the meeting should be informed in advance of agenda.

An agenda is a lifeline of any meeting, it is process of planning which describes how a meeting will take place, what will be the discussion items and who will be the presenters in the meeting. So, let us discuss how to create an agenda for a meeting.

We must have data of previous meeting agenda and its progress to put a light in previous agenda topics. Copies of current meeting along with meeting date should be distributed among the members of meeting in advance, to give them a clear picture of attendees, topics to be discussed, and tools to be used during meeting for discussion. Members can be asked to share their views and other points, which they want to put in agenda with time required for discussion and also if they need any special tool to discuss those topics in advance.

There are many tools available while conducting a meeting; usually we go for PowerPoint presentation but whiteboard presentation is also an effective tool for meeting. While we go for whiteboard presentation we need whiteboard with a good marker pen, which are easily available. While using whiteboard we need to keep a track of agenda to be discussed which are planned. It gives a more clear idea of any discussion and doubts can be cleared more easily through drawings and tables accordingly.

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