Tips to Reduce Water Consumption at Home

December 24, 2018

Water is a basic element for the survival of human life, the animal kingdom and the plant world, hence the importance to take care of it and not waste it, mainly in the home.

According to studies, each day a person spends approximately 70 liters of water among all the activities he performs, which is undoubtedly an excess.

The indiscriminate use and abuse of natural resources have brought innumerable problems to the environment, changing the way we develop, so we can’t be indifferent and leave the responsibility to other people.

It is imperative to use our natural resources responsibly, so it is best to start at home, where in addition to helping our planet we will save a lot of money on the account that arrives every two months.

Measures that We can Apply at Home

Close the key when you brush your teeth and use a glass. Moderately fill the sink to wash your face, hands or shave. With this, you will save up to 12 liters of liquid per minute.

Wash the fruits and vegetables in a bowl and not under the stream of water.

If the toilet in your house is before 2001, change the movement mechanism. However, if it is necessary to “pull” twice, you must do without it. If you buy a new toilet consider the dual model to unfill the tank since it uses approximately four liters for the low level of emptying and six for the high level. Some use even less.

Repair All that Leak

The shower can use more water than a bathtub, but only up to a certain point. Ideally, you should use a normal shower and not under pressure and stay only five minutes in it. Duck quickly and close the key while you are soaping. You will save an average of 150 liters each time. This restoration company advises to avoid losing the water you let run while you wait for it to get hot by picking it up in a bucket and reusing it.

Use all the capacity in the washing machine, so fewer cycles per week will be required. You should also be aware that most functions that require half a load are inefficient because they use more than half the liquid required for a full charge.