The Way to Enjoy the City of Solo on Chinese New Year Holiday

May 20, 2019


As a home to several Chinese-Indonesian people, Solo in Central Java will hold various festivals to welcome the festivity locally called Imlek. The small town boasts a warm and lively ambiance during the occasion. Here are some recommendations on what to do during Chinese New Year in Solo:

  1. Stroll and revel in the red lanterns placed along the main roads

Whenever Chinese New Year brings Near, the Solo government takes the opportunity to color the city with tens of thousands of amazing lanterns, installed along its most important roads, Jl. Jendral Sudirman and Jl. Jendral Urip Sumoharjo. Do not forget to take many images on the streets to post on social media!

  1. Visit the Solo Imlek Fair in Fort Vastenburg

Fort Vastenburg that was a legacy of the Dutch colonial era is Popularly called a location of various festivities, such as Imlek Fair. The fair is an annual festival which blends Javanese and Chinese cultures through decorations or performances, such as gamelan (bronze outfit ).

  1. Don’t miss the Yearly Grebeg Sudiro convention

Every year Chinese-Javanese Community at Solo celebrate Imlek with Grebeg Sudiro carnival in Pasar Gede area, which is the town’s Chinatown. Grebeg Sudiro is a carnival showcasing the combination of Chinese and Javanese culture. Participate in the excitement of this carnival by snatching kue keranjang (jar cakes) from a gunungan (cone-shaped float of offerings), which will be paraded around the region.

  1. Stop by at Pasar Gedhe for local festivities

Famous as Solo’s Chinatown and Culinary haven, Pasar Gede is often used for several local celebrations, such as Imlek Festival, Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival, or Solo Gamelan Festival. Stop by at the market to test Any ongoing festival but do not worry if there’s absolutely no festival. Walk down the market to try Solo’s delicacies, such as Soto Tengkleng (lamb bone soup), or shop for Batik Solo.