The Benefits of the summer season

December 8, 2018

Everyone moans – it is too hot. Really? No, because the summer weather has advantages. And this Friday, finally, all students have holidays – with a summer like it used to be. Here are the good sides of the warm weather.

Exceptional Butterfly Year

This summer, there are many noticeable butterflies to watch. The Great Cabbage White is three times as common as in previous years. But even rarer species can be seen much more often. They bear names such as Small and Big Kingfisher, Big Oxeye, Little Fox, Imperial Coat or Yellow Ribbon. The reason for the colorful variety is probably due to the warm weather in April and May, but also less natural enemies.

A Good Drop

The longer heat period now makes it possible to grow wine, where it was a bit difficult before. Hatching heat is basically no problem for vines. On the contrary: with the super summer, the plants are currently catching up with delays after the cool spring. Lack of water is usually not an issue on the slopes. However, it is currently unclear how the crop will turn out – there are still too many factors that could spoil a good harvest.

Always a Small Talk Topic

“So, this heat …” The weather is always hot or warm. But at the moment this is especially good: The temperatures in the office, the sleepless nights, the burned lawn – all this can be discussed extensively. Fear of small talk – this is not an issue this summer.

Losing Weight in the Heat

When it’s hot outside, many people are less keen on high calorie, heavy meals than in winter. In cold temperatures, we tend more to hit our stomach properly – this is noticeable in the long run, of course, in the form of rolls on the hips. Point for the summer. However, it is easy to see that being overweight results in consuming more calories than you burn. It’s that simple. It does not matter if it’s summer or winter.

Vacation at Home or Summer Camp

Croatia, Greece, Spain, U.K – poof. Holidays are also cheaper in this great summer. Hot sunshine, hot nights – this is also promised by the balcony or local garden. So, when the students splurge with their holiday destinations like the summer camp for boys where they can learn and have fun, those who have stayed at home have several trump cards in their hands: great weather, working Wi-Fi and the comfortable home bed.