Scrub Uniforms for Newbies: Top Tips for Purchasing Scrubs for Your Medical Career  

October 26, 2018

Whether you’re a registered nurse, lab tech, or CNA, most medical workers are required to wear scrub uniforms. If you’re new to buying scrubs, you’ll benefit from some insider tips. They need to fit well, not only when you’re standing up, but also when you’re bending down or leaning over to help a patient. Beyond modesty, it’s important to make sure you’ll be comfortable in your new uniforms since you’ll be wearing them for many hours. Read the following tips before you spend a lot of money on scrubs.

Tip #1 – Buy Scrubs with Pockets

Pockets are a must for your scrubs, no matter your position. They offer the perfect place to store scissors, alcohol swabs, and other essential items. You can even stash a snack if you work long hours and have difficulty getting time for a break. Consider not only pants that have pockets, but look for scrub tops with pockets, too.

Tip #2 – Colors are Important

Before you shop for your scrub uniforms, find out what color scheme your employer requires you to wear. Many offices and hospitals only allow you to wear certain colors. In some cases, employers may not even allow other colors on the trim. Along with asking about colors, check to see if you’re required to wear a specific type or brand of scrubs.

Tip #3 – The Perfect Fit is Crucial

If you choose the wrong size in scrubs, you’ll have a difficult time working. When scrubs are too baggy, they’ll get in the way, or you’ll be holding onto your pants through your entire shift. Scrubs that are too tight may impede your movement or expose your skin when you bend over or raise your arms. The last thing you need is a split in your pants when you bend over to help a patient.

Tip #4 – Purchase Several Sets

Purchase several sets of scrubs so you’re not washing them before every shift you work. This is particularly important if you’re working every day. While scrubs are an investment, having enough to cover your shifts for an entire work week can keep you from doing laundry as often.

Tip #5 – Choose Quality Scrubs

Saving money is great, and you definitely want to look for the best deals on your uniforms. However, make sure you’re buying high-quality scrubs. Low-quality, cheap scrubs don’t hold up well under regular washing. Top-quality scrubs wear better, don’t wrinkle as much, and keep their crisp look so you appear clean and neat on the job.

Don’t make beginner mistakes when buying scrub uniforms. Follow these tips when you buy to make sure you look professional and feel comfortable as you work with patients.