Revolution for cats treats all the flea and worm infections

February 2, 2019

Revolution for cats is allured for its broad spectrum effectiveness against fleas, ticks, roundworms and hook worms. It is a FDA approved drug and has cured a number of such ailments of pets. Its active ingredient Selamectin plays a crucial role in registering its pharmacological effects and curing any prevalent flea and worm infections. It is easily available on all the vet stores and pet clinics and can be easily bought without any prescription. It is known for its easy topical application, non-greasy nature and quick dry formula.

Revolution for cats is the best treatment for your pets

If you want to safeguard your loved pets from any tick, flea or worm infection, then Revolution for cats will render a total protection against all such diseases. The medicine is generally to be used only once a month, however if the susceptibility of your pets to the mosquitoes and worms is greater in a particular season, then you can use it then too. It is highly safe to be used on your pets and has a very easy method of application.

The Revolution for cats ‘medication is applied on the base of the neck after parting the hairs from the skin. The dosage has to be confirmed depending on the weight of the pet from your concerned vet. For cats who weight bigger, a greater dosage is required.

It is applicable against a wide range of infection

Its active ingredient Selamectin is a broad range element and so it can cure a range of per problems. It can cure all the intestinal infections arising due to roundworms, hookworms and any type of mosquito infestation like ticks and fleas.

Taking care of the health of the pet is not a very difficult task. Instead of buying a range of products to treat your pets’ ailments, buy a complete protection kit of Revolution for cats and improve the health of your loved pets.