Make a Fashion Statement by Familiarizing yourself with Different Pearl Shapes

June 22, 2019

Every woman has owned a pearl accessory at some point in her life.

The Science behind Pearls

Pearls are generally of three types: natural and cultured. Natural pearls are formed when an irritant in form of parasites force itself inside a mussel, clam or oyster. In order to protect itself from the irritant, fluids are coated over these irritants. These coatings called as nacre, keep layering until a pearl is formed. In the case of cultured pearls, the process remains the same, but the irritants are surgically implanted into the shells.


Online stores are your best bet when it comes to shopping for pearls. If you are looking for authentic stuff, then you can check out and choose from different shapes and types of pearls. If in doubt, you can even take the help of their pearl wizard and get the perfect accessory for your outfit.

Different Pearl Shapes

Pearls take different shapes when inside shells. This is due to micro terraces that form inside them, that help in creating energy due to water molecules. Some of the common pearl shapes that are available are:

  • Drop
  • Round
  • Baroque
  • Semi Round

Drop pearls look like pears or tear drops. These are either long or short depending on the type of accessory. Many of them are symmetrical in shape and can be worn as pendants or earrings.  Round pearls are very rare to find, thus making them one of the most sought out and valuable pearls.

Baroque pearls are non symmetrical in nature. It can be in form of any shape and size. Baroque pearls are known for its uniqueness and are considered as a bold fashion statement. Semi round pearls can either be elongated or flattened.

The Right Pearl Accessory up Your Style Quotient

Pearls can be worn both on casual and formal apparels. In case of formal occasions, you can either wear a pearl necklace with pearl studs or a pearl bracelet.

In case of a special occasion, you can invest in teardrop pearl earrings and complete the look with a pearl ring.


Quality plays a very important role when it comes for pearl shopping. Ensure that you enquire about genuine stores before purchasing any type of jewellery.