How to Grow and maintain your Hair?

December 5, 2018

Like all hair, the so-called African hair grows and repels constantly. It grows at the root but easily breaks at the tips because it is particularly dry and fragile, and sometimes subject to treatments that weaken it — hence the impression that he doesn’t grow. The Kirkland minoxidil is a product that aids to accelerate growth. So, for lack of centimeters, better not to lose.

Limit Hair Breakage to Maintain Length

The afro hair, naturally dry and thin, breaks easier than the rest. It grows at the root but breaks at the tips. The reasons are many, the dry nature of the hair, its cuticle, and all the practices that damage the hair, not enough care, unsuitable products, coloring or straightening problems, tight braids; it’s complex!

Nourishing Hair

The hair growth is done by the root. It is in its living part, buried in the scalp, that the hair is made, supplied with nutrients by the blood. A healthy lifestyle and an adequate diet are enough to supply all the nutrients necessary. The visible part of the hair is inert and no longer receives any nourishment. It becomes fragile with the aggressions undergone over time: washing, drying, disentangling, friction but also the onslaught of water, sun, wind, pollution. The restoration of damaged hair is done by an external contribution. A contribution to care, especially moisturizing and nourishing care, to protect and compensate for wear.

Hair Renewal

Fortunately, our hair has many lives! The hair fiber is renewed on average fifteen times during a lifetime. Our hair doesn’t increase continuously, they grow fall and grow back. The life process of every hair has three crucial phases: a growth phase that lasts three to seven years, a regression phase, three-four weeks, where it no longer grows and a fall phase, from three-four months. It is therefore natural to lose hair. We would lose a hundred a day. After a rest period of two to five months, a new cycle kicks off again with the growth of a new/fresh hair. If our hair is getting longer, it’s because the majority of the hair that makes it up, 90%, is in the growth phase. While only 10% are in a fall phase.