Back Home: How to Overcome Fatigue after Childbirth?

December 2, 2018

The return to the home marks the beginning of a new life; you have to adapt to the presence of a new member in the family and recover from the consequences of childbirth. A situation that is not without generating fatigue. Some tips to get in shape.

At the Origin of Fatigue

During the entire pregnancy, the woman has lived with a high hormonal load. The unforeseen drop, following childbirth, can, therefore, originate fatigue. In addition, the mother-to-be has to draw on her nutritional reserves to feed her child, so she may find herself temporarily short of iron, magnesium, calcium. Finally, the return at home means, above all, a change in the rhythm of life, it is now necessary to adjust to that of the baby and to wake up at night to feed it, and fatigue as a result to inadequate sleep. Busy with her child, often the young mother doesn’t have time to attend to herself. She eats on the run, favoring meats, cheeses, cakes and forgetting vegetables and cooked meats.

How to Cure It?

To combat this fatigue advises to adopt a vigorous lifestyle, employ a doula. This brings us to the all-important question, “what is a doula”? She is an expert that acts as a birth companion. However, you should keep three repast a day and eat everything, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, proteins (found in meat, fish, and eggs), starchy foods, dairy products, and fruits. During breastfeeding, a caloric intake equivalent to that absorbed in pregnancy is necessary. However, if the delivery was accompanied by significant bleeding, the young mother may suffer from anemia, iron supplementation is useful. Finally, as there isn’t a miracle cure, the most predominant thing is to appreciate the moments during the day when the baby also sleeps to take her own nap. And if this postpartum fatigue persists, it is accompanied by cramps or chills; it may be a sign of hypothyroidism, better then consult your doctor.