5 Red Flags To Recognize When Hiring A Caterer

February 5, 2019

Interviewing the largest catering companies to prepare and serve food for your big event is an important aspect of event planning. Hire the wrong company and your reputation, as well as the health and safety of your guests, might be in danger. The truth is, not all catering companies take their job and commitment to food safety seriously. Sadly, many clients do not see the red flags until it is too late to back out of a contract.

Before rushing to book a caterer for your next event, be extra careful and look for the following red flags:

#1 – Lack Of Or Pook Communication Skills

Booking the largest catering companies doesn’t end the moment you hire them for their services. There must be an open line of communication between the company and the client to ensure that the event will not experience and major food-related roadblocks. If you have reached out to a catering company a few days ago and have received no reply or acknowledgment of your message, this is a bad sign.

Caterers that cannot find time to reply to your initial questions are more likely to snub you, even if you have already booked them for your event.

#2 – Low-Quality Website

Business from all industries must have a high-quality website. If you visit a catering company’s website and it looks like it hasn’t been updated in the last decade, stay clear. There is a good chance that they do not take their job as caterers seriously and will likely disappoint you on the day.

#3 – Doesn’t Work Well With Others

Whether you are hiring a caterer for a wedding or a company event, they are required to work hand in hand with the event planner. If they do not get along and it is because the catering company prefers to “work alone”, this is a sign that they will give you more problems and aren’t worth your time or money at all.

#4 – Unclear Fees

Getting a bill that is more expensive than what you expected is always a cause for stress and panic. Avoid this by only dealing with caterers who are very clear when it comes to their fees, any additional payments, and other billables that they might add later on. If the company does not want to disclose their fees or give vague estimates, stay away. You don’t want to end up paying more than you can afford for food that wasn’t even good.

#5 – Refusing To Listen

Caterers who do not take your special requests seriously shouldn’t be trusted. This is a major red flag, especially if you or any of your guests have food allergies. Catering companies must be willing to make adjustments according to your specifications to ensure that their food is safe for everyone to eat. If they refuse to listen or shrug your concerns away, they aren’t the right company for you.

Don’t rush to book the first catering company that offers you a good deal. Sometimes these “deals” are too good to be true and you’ll be regretting your decision when they fail to deliver on their promises.

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