5 Conventional Dishes in Solo That Are Simply Irresistible

May 21, 2019

Solo can also be a place for food lovers, as the city offers a whole lot of tasty authentic dishes. Below is a list of 5 traditional dishes from Solo that are simply irresistible.

  1. Timlo

Timlo is a soothing bowl of savory soup rich in vegetables and proteins, so it would definitely calm that stomach. Timlo’s soup contains clear broth that’s added with shredded fried chicken, telur pindang (sweet boiled egg), stewed mushrooms, various veggies, poultry innards, plus a sprinkle of fried crispy Asian shallots.

  1. Cabuk Rambak

Cabuk Rambak is a traditional Solo cuisine that’s almost impossible to find elsewhere in Indonesia. It considered a snack or food eaten between meals due to the small portion. A yummy plate of Cabuk Rambak consists of ketupat (rice packed inside of a diamond shaped container of woven palm leaves) drizzled with a pale brown sauce which contains roasted sesame seeds and coconut meat. To top it off, some crispy rice crackers are added to giving texture to the dish.

  1. Nasi Liwet

Nasi Liwet is a delicious rice dish comprised of side dishes that can make your mouth water. Though some other regions have their own versions of Nasi Liwet, the one in Solo is the best there’s. The savory rice has been cooked in coconut milk, poultry broth, bay leaves, and lemongrass, making it quite a tasty treat on its own. It is then accompanied with a flavorsome collection of side dishes, which include omelet or pindang egg (boiled egg cooked in sweet soybean sauce), shredded chicken cooked in coconut milk, spicy pumpkin noodle and areh (thick coconut sauce).

  1. Selat Solo

Steaks are favorite through the planet, either cooked whole or sliced into tender pieces. Well, Solo has its own rendition of beef’ known as Selat Solo. This recipe, influenced by European culture, is an authentic dish which contains beef braised in a broth consisting of vinegar, sweet soybean sauce and lastly seasoned with pepper and salt. A lot of men and women consider this dish to be a combination of beef, soup, and salad, hence the name ‘Selat’ (derived from the phrase’salad’). It comes along with a side of potatoes, along with an array of veggies, usually carrots and string beans.

5 | Serabi Solo

Well, Solo has a snack to satiate your craving for some candy goodness named Serabi Solo. Don’t confuse this, however, with the other types of Serabi provided on the island of Java. This bite is basically made with rice flour mixed with coconut milk and following that fried similarly to the way pannekoek (Dutch pancakes) is fried. Some variations include toppings like bananas, chocolate sprinkles, cheese or jackfruit. Watch out for those calories because once you begin munching, you just can’t stop!