4WD Adventures in AU: Safety Tips

March 13, 2019

There is nothing quite as fun as driving through the bush or landscapes of Australia in your 4WD, exploring new places. In fact, some of the best spots for 4WD adventures are in this country, thanks to it’s unique landscapes. As you drive across the country in motorhome hire, you’ll discover some amazing places that can actually only be seen by foot or 4WD.

Because some of the roads in Australia can be a bit special, driving a 4WD is the best option for you. To ensure that you stay safe through your trip in the outback, consider these following safety tips for driving a 4WD in Australia:

  • Know how to engage the four wheel drive. Not everyone actually knows how to take advantage of their four wheel drive vehicle. You should if you hope to drive through the outback. Educate yourself before you set out on a road trip.
  • Bring maps. Sometimes phone signal can be shoddy in the outback and bush. Avoid getting lost by bringing a map of the area. Find one that is current so that you avoid getting stuck on routes that will no longer take you where you want to go. It may be old-fashioned but it can make a world of difference.
  • Bring a lot of water. Bring a lot of water, especially when it’s summer but throughout the year. You will hopefully never get lost on your trip but if you do, water will be-literally-your lifesaver.
  • Bring a radio. You want to keep up with information on weather and other road conditions. Make sure to get a good one that can actually pick up stations in the bush.
  • First aid kits can make a difference. Hopefully you won’t have an accident and hopefully you won’t need to bring any of the items in your first aid kit, but it’s still important to have what you may need, should the situation arise. Items should include band-aids, sunblock, medicines, etc.
  • Pack spare tires and other tools for fixing your vehicle. We hope that you won’t have to use that spare tire but the rough conditions in the bush may lead to a flat tire. You won’t want to get stuck in the outback with a flat tire and no way to fix it.
  • Bring warm clothing. Even if it’s summer, you want to make sure that you stay protected from the elements. Sometimes the weather can be a bit unpredictable in the outback, so just bring some extras to stay prepared.
  • Bring as much food as possible. Pack food that isn’t easily perishable. While it may seem like we’re preparing you for the apocalypse, chances are you’ll never have to eat that extra food. We just want you to be prepared for eventualities that have happened in the outback. Hunger is not easy to deal with, especially when you need to plan for saving yourself. Pack protein-rich foods to keep your energy levels high.
  • Before you set out on your trip, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the trip. Check the tires, fill up on fuel, and make sure to be aware of the road conditions before you set out. Make sure you have coolant and oil packed in your vehicle as well.
  • We hope you don’t need to use this skill but teach yourself how to start a fire. Being stranded can lead to days without help and while we hope this doesn’t happen to you, knowing how to build a fire to cook your food or even signal for help can be a skill that comes in handy.
  • If you do get stranded, “write” codes in the ground that can be used to signal passing planes or helicopters for help. If you have happened to go missing for a while, chances are that there are people looking for you. SOS is a good and clear way to let people know that you need help.

In Conclusion

A successful road trip in the bush can be an exciting one. You can go places that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It can also be a dangerous one if you don’t go prepared. The keys to success are to be cautious, research weather and conditions, know how to drive your vehicle, and be prepared for eventualities that you don’t want to happen but that could happen.

If you plan to go on a road trip in the outback with a 4WD motorhome hire, you can have a great experience. Just be wise, heed safety tips, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget to bring bug repellent and stay away from crocodile infested waters and keep an eye out for snakes—and don’t forget, spiders. Then, you’re good to go! Happy road trip!